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Natalie Northcott
Natalie Northcott
Dave has been amazing from the start, fast responses and the end result was amazing. Love the barells.
Lynelle Anderson
Lynelle Anderson
Dave was extremely accommodating and helpful when placing the order and throughout the making of it providing updates and confirming every detail along the way. Thank you Dave for the amazing barrel! 🎉
George Latter
George Latter
We got an umbrella stand barrel from the team at Barrel Restorations. Awesome looking barrel. The team were super responsive, quick and delivered it to my door. The black bands and stain look a treat. Now we’ve also got a place for drinks and a cheese board. Definitely need another one for up near the fire pit.
Kyla Rechena
Kyla Rechena
Dave at Barrel Restorations created an incredible Corona themed Barrel for Fathers Day. At such late notice, Dave took my order and delivered it in incredible speed. Updating me on every step, I knew that Dad is going to LOVE his gift. The Barrel turned out exceptional. We couldn't be happier. Thank you Dave
Leah Marks
Leah Marks
Really pleased with our new barrel. Great quality finish and choice of stains available. Dave even organised delivery to the Fraser Coast for us. Looks awesome!
Wayne Finlay
Wayne Finlay
Awesome products fantastic service highly recommend this business


It is finally here!

Always dreamed of building your own custom wine barrel with all the bells and whistles? Well now you can… virtually (so we do all the heavy lifting!)

Click on the image on the left to be taken to our Build A Barrel page that is loaded with heaps of customisation options to play around with.

Build your perfect barrel, send it off and let us bring your creation to life!

From Raw to Restored

Australia is one of the leading countries when it comes to both wine production and quality. Using the ancient technology of the wine barrel with current wine making techniques has put Australia ahead of most of the worlds competition (with a little help of our grape growing conditions). 

One of these special and amazing places is the Barossa Valley located in the north hinterland of Adelaide in South Australia. The perfect conditions in this area allow many substantial wine making operations to exist. And with a lot of wine, comes a lot of wine barrels!

This is where we come in! We work with wineries throughout the Barossa Valley to secure some of the highest quality second hand wine barrels in the country. Why does a high quality raw barrel matter you may ask? The higher the quality of the raw barrel, the high quality of the finished restored barrel, it is that simple! Now lets talk process…

Before we begin any of our restoration processes, each individual barrels is looked over for any defects, structural issues or major cosmetic damage. If the barrel is given the all clear, it begins its journey through the restoration process. If the barrel does have an issue, it will not be used or discounted for scrap! We do our absolute best to ensure any restored barrel you order through us starts off as perfect as possible!

The next step is to remove all labelling and signage the winery may have put over the barrel. As of recent times, most larger wineries do not stamp or burn their labelling directly into the barrel to save on costs. Most barrels still carry cooperage stamps and marks directly on the barrel which create an amazingly unique look once restored. 



After all signage is removed, we then begin the band cleaning process. Often times the bands become stained or marked due to the barrel sitting on a rack for years (sometimes up to 10 years!). Cleaning the bands gives the barrel a more clear uniform look. We don’t strip the bands completely back as we believe having some small markings lends to the
uniqueness and character of the finished restored barrel. 

Bands are then removed using specalised cooperage tools and in the case of our custom black banded barrels, coated in a high quality paint. 

If you have chosen one of our Deluxe finished barrels, this next part of the processes is one of the most important ones. We sand the body of the barrel back until we reach a uniform finish around the whole wine barrel. Any tiny imperfections are filled and sanded away leaving a close to perfect barrel body. 

There are storage marks from the barrel sitting at full weight on the rack for many years that we clear but can’t remove. But don’t worry! Leaving these on actually add to the character of the barrel and enhances the overall finish and style! We also ensure the top of the barrel is all cleaned and shaped up to ensure the bar space for where you place your drink looks perfect! (And we can even custom etch something on top for you as well if you are feeling adventurous!)

We then put the whole thing back together! Screw in the bands to ensure they stay steady for many years to come, and coat in your chosen lacquer finish! Congratulations! You now have an amazingly unique piece of bar furniture!


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